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Our initiative aims to add a global dimension to existing local, regional, and national democratic systems.

We’re building a digital forum for fair, safe, and direct political engagement, where all the world’s citizens can express their concerns, articulate their decisions, and cast their votes directly, regardless of nationality or citizenship.

The technical obstacles to such a global community are being resolved as we speak. In fact, there are several successful platforms for global democracy already in place. We will not compete with these promising initiatives. On the contrary — we view them as potential partners in reaching a critical mass of supporters, connected by decentralized, fully transparent networks. Nor do we aim to replace existing political institutions. Rather, our work will complement theirs by giving ordinary citizens a seat at the global table.

We will serve as a link between constituents and the representatives who translate global decisions into national frameworks.

Empowered by technology, we can transform democracy for a global century. Digital progress has already revolutionized the ways we communicate, interconnecting us ever more closely. We believe that technological innovation is the key to a new era of political interaction, decision-making, and accountability. Together with our partners, we will be the voice of global answers to global questions.