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GloCo Secretary -General Gery Colombo interviewed


GloCo Secretary General Gery Colombo was recently interviewed in Züriost newspaper, where he discussed the promising launch of the Global Democracy Initiative on 29 May 2021 via Zoom and live from the Uster town hall. Check out this link to learn more about the launch as well as more insights into GloCo's vision for achieving global democracy

The official launch of the Global Democracy Initiative on 29 May 2021


On Saturday, 29 May 2021 GloCo joined forces with six fantastic organisations to formally launch an exciting initiative: the Global Democracy Initiative (GDI). This initiative was first conceived by GloCo in the Fall of 2019, with the aim of collaboratively conceptualizing and implementing a global democratic system to find global solutions for today’s global challenges.

Parties interested in the idea of the GDI met for the first steering meeting in November 2020 and every month since then, working steadily and collectively to plan the formal launch. In preparation for this grand event, we successfully organized a well-attended series of webinars (all are available on Youtube). Each webinar engaged a particular pertinent question, and presented an invaluable opportunity to get to know each member organization before the launch. For the launch, the GloCo team was very fortunate to be hosted by the Mayor at the beautiful Uster Town Hall.

With the founding members joining both in person as well as online from Europe, South America and also North America, the launch proved to be a really inspiring and exciting event. The official signing ceremony was opened by GloCo’s very own Secretary-General, Gery Colombo, who shared these powerful words:

The Human race has conquered many problems in the past and many trends around the world are very positive: less wars, more democracy, less poverty, more integration of minorities, longer life expectancy and many new technologies like the internet. Nonetheless, the world is on fire. Mankind has also created global problems that need more than just one innovation or a new national law to be solved: Global warming, animal extinction, tax evasion and migration to name a few of these problems. For some of these global issues, the solution seems overdue because, let’s be honest, the time to solve them was... yesterday! The Global Democracy Initiative will hopefully make a difference in this regard. Many people and organizations have great ideas about how to come up with global solutions and implement them but only if we coordinate our activities together and cooperate, will we get the job done!

After this stirring opening, the Mayor of Uster, Barbara Thalmann successfully highlighted the difference between local and global problems and responses by discussing the upcoming 13 political proposals that Swiss citizens living in Uster will vote on – everything from the national vote on the upcoming revised CO2 Act to the allocation of local funds for a proposed new cultural center in Uster. This was a perfect illustration of one of the core beliefs of the GDI: local issues should be addressed at the local level, and global issues need a more comprehensive and collaborative solution.

The splendid location and balmy weather were a fitting context, and really served to underline the real success for GloCo: the commitment by seven fantastic organisations to work together on this exciting initiative. The official founding members of the GDI are:

Young World Federalists

Global Online Democracy

Global People Power

Democracia Global

Democracy Earth

World Service Authority

All members committed to our shared goals contained in the collaboratively designed Letter of Intent by signing this letter live on camera. Together, we are committed to advancing our vision of achieving a Global Democracy, by and for all the world’s citizens.

The launch was preceded by a lively discussion during the third webinar where we as member organisations discussed how we envision contributing to the GDI. The webinar discussion fleshed out broader issues to address as well as more operational discussions around working groups. In particular, the discussion focused on addressing solution finding to global problems, ways to ensure effective implementation across the globe, and the promotion, communication and identity of the Global Democracy Initiative.

The third webinar is available here and the launch is available here. Alternatively, you can watch a full video of both the webinar and launch here. The most exciting thing to watch however is the short trailer that GloCo has put together capturing the live event, available here.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the GDI channel, and to visit the GDI website for updates on our progress!

First two Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) webinars are now on Youtube


The first two webinars hosted by the Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) are now available on Youtube. The first webinar took place on 30 March 2021 and the second on 27 April.

The first webinar addressed the question of how members of the GDI understand global democracy, and the second presented a panel discussion on how members propose to solve global issues.

The third webinar will take place on Saturday, 29 May 2021 at 14h00 (CET) and will tackle the critical question of how each member expects to benefit from this exciting initiative. This will be the last in our series of webinars, and will be followed by the official launch of the GDI

Please watch the vibeos HERE like or share your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to our channel!

Upcoming webinar series and launch of the Global Democracy Initiative


It was always GloCo´s mission to work on the implementation of a global democracy. As we believe that this endeavour can only be reached by bringing different players in this field together, we have initiated the Global Democracy Initiative.

GloCo is proud to announce that we now developed a Letter of Intent to articulate the aims of the Global Democracy Initiative with other member organisations. We have also designed the first website for the GDI.

Most excitingly, we are pleased to announce a series of webinars in the lead up to the official launch of the initiative. Each webinar engages a particular pertinent question, and presents an opportunity to get to know each member organisation better as well as get a feel for our collective rapport. Please see below the dates of the upcoming events, also included on the flyer. 

  • First webinar: Tuesday, 30 March at 18h00 CET
  • Webinar discussion topic: How do members of the Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) understand global democracy?
  • Zoom link here 

  • Second webinar: Tuesday, 27 April at 18h00 CET
  • Webinar discussion topic: How do members of the Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) propose to solve global issues?
  • Zoom link here 

  • Third webinar and launch: Saturday, 29 May at 14h00-17h30
  • Webinar discussion topic: How do members Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) expect to contribute to or profit from the GDI? 
  • Zoom link here

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have further questions about joining us, we look forward to seeing you there!

GloCo profile on Participedia


GloCo is pleased to have a profile on Participedia, a global network and crowdsourcing platform for researchers, educators, practitioners, policymakers, activists, and anyone interested in public participation and democratic innovations.

Exciting new beginnings with the Global Democracy Initiative


GloCo convened the very first meeting of The Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) on 20 November after developing and sharing a concept paper and timeline for the GDI.  More information about this promising development can be found on GDI website.

New GloCo Team member


The GloCo team grew when Sindi-Leigh McBride joined as communications assistant and leader of the Promotions Working Group. Sindi-Leigh is a researcher and writer from Johannesburg, currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Basel. 

GloCo publishes concept paper for a Global Direct Democracy


GloCo - The Global Community published its concept for a global direct democracy.

The document provides an overview of the Global Community, a new platform to enable global direct democracy. It includes arguments on necessity and required characteristics of a global direct democracy; the basic concepts of the Global Community; a description of specific aspects of the concept that are relevant for the platform’s future implementation; and a draft plan for its implementation.

The Concept for a Global Democracy is available here.