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The Global Democracy Initiative

The Global Democracy Initiative

The Global Demoracy Initiative (GDI)

The aim of the GDI is to conceptualize and implement a global democratic system to find global solutions for today’s global challenges. Already active in the development of the initiative are Global Online Democracy, Democracia Global, Global People Power,, and Democracy Earth. 

“Rather than pursuing our synergistic missions independently, all member-organizations of the GDI will work together to achieve the goal we all share — a Global Democracy, by and for all the world’s citizens.” 

The GDI met for the first time in November 2020 and has since met every month, working steadily and collectively to plan the formal launch of our iniative. Already, we have developed a Letter of Intent that succinctly articulates the aims of the GDI and are now working on a series of exciting events in preparation for the upcoming launch.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Global Democracy Initiative.