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Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Group: Global Democracy Principles

The goal of this Working Group is to define GloCo’s principles of a global democracy.

Those principles will form the foundation of our own digital implementation and the collaboration with our partners. Some national and community-level democratic processes will work on the global scale; others won’t. We will evaluate the merits and flaws of existing procedures and generate original approaches based on our findings. Our work will involve the study of democratic processes in different regions of the world, including scientific analysis and public perception. We will also focus on specific structural aspects of our project, such as problem identification, public consultations, ballot creation, voting mechanisms, and liquid democracy.

For these tasks, we are looking for a diverse group of collaborators ranging from scientific researchers to passionate laypersons.

Working Group: Global Democracy Technology

The goal of this Working Group is to devise and test prototypes of the democratic processes we develop at GloCo.

In close coordination with our partners, we are interested in the topics of unique voter identification; electronic voting, consultation, and deliberation; the visualization of liquid democracy processes; and the technical dimensions of redundancy, resilience, and security. We will translate these concepts into actionable strategies for the experiments we design and conduct. These trials will guide us as we build a global platform for all to voice their concerns, present their solutions, and vote on the decisions that affect their lives.

Our working group is looking for collaborators with backgrounds in relevant digital technologies (especially block chain), network security, and identity management.

Working Group: Global Democracy Partnerships

The goal of this Working Group is to create dynamic, effective synergies with like-minded individuals and partner initiatives across the globe.

Our cause is very ambitious. We will need as much collaboration and interaction as possible to realize our project on a global scale. We are reaching out to all citizens, organizations, and movements dedicated to developing and strengthening democratic systems beyond the nation-state. Our vision is a global network of individuals and collectives working together towards a more responsive, democratic system to solve global problems.

Our Working Group welcomes all conversations, perspectives, and critical thoughts that bring us closer to our common mission of a global democracy. Let’s exchange experiences and ideas, and empower each other to grow beyond the sum of our parts.

Working Group: Global Democracy Promotions

The goal of this Working Group is to advance GloCo's outreach activities.

From our newsletter to this website, social media to profiling GloCo online, our aim is to ensure that GloCo's identity and initiatives have reach, resonating with researchers, educators, practitioners, policymakers, and activist. While we certainly enjoy conversations with those already interested in global direct democratic participation, we also aim to inspire those who are not yet engaging with the exciting dream of a global democracy for all, by all.