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Gery Colombo

Gery Colombo / Secretary General

"Globalization has brought many good things but also many global challenges. Only with the implementation of a global democracy can we solve global problems."

Lucy Koechlin

Lucy Koechlin / Leader - Working Group Partnerships

"I’m committed to creating global democracy because global problems urgently need global solutions – and we, the people, urgently need real power and real systems to make these global solutions happen."

Lars Luenenburger

Lars Luenenburger / Leader - Working Group Principles

"We need global democracy to solve our global problems and implement sustainable solutions. Today’s digital technologies can help us. Let’s use them."

Sindi-Leigh McBride

Sindi-Leigh McBride / Leader - Working Group Promotion

"Now is the time for an inclusive, empowering forum where we all have a say in the global decisions that shape our lives. And that’s exactly what drives us at GloCo."

Samuel Koechlin

Samuel Koechlin / Member - Working Group Promotion

Ursula Freiburghaus

Ursula Freiburghaus / Member - Working Group Partnerships

Daniel Jositsch

Daniel Jositsch / Member - Working Group Partnerships

"Global issues require global problem-solving approaches. GloCo can make this vision a reality."

Tom Haeussermann

Tom Haeussermann / Member - Working Group Principles

"We should not only rely on a global democracy, but it could be another important stepping stone overcoming free rider behaviour of nations in addressing climate change."

Ingo Kirchhoff

Ingo Kirchhoff / Member - Working Group Principles

"Global voices for global questions in a connected world. This is missing and needs to be created."

Thomas Künzli

Thomas Künzli / Member - Working Group Principles

"The single greatest human challenge - Global Warming - cannot be solved if we keep thinking locally. A global democracy will empower all of us to chart a new course for our planet together."

Filip Muki Dobranić

Filip Muki Dobranić / Member - Working Group Promotions

"Global democracy is a dream that's bigger than any of us which just might mean it will one day become reality. I try to do my part."s"