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GloCo members are global citizens, that have a general interest in global democracy and are dedicated to help

building up the Global Community.

Steering Committee

The GloCo Steering Committee has the overall lead of

The Steering Committee is the executive organ of GloCo. The Steering Committee is composed of at least three full members (the Secretary General, the Treasurer, and at least one further full member) elected by the General Assembly. All Working Group Leaders are members of the Steering Committee.


The powers of the Steering Committee are manyfold, the main job is to make sure that all measures are taken to attain the objectives of GloCo. So the steering committee for example prepares the General Assemblies, makes decisions with regard to admission of new members, ensures the compliance with the bylaws and coordinates the work of the different working groups.


Gery Colombo


“Globalization has brought many good things but also many global challenges. Only with the implementation of a global democracy can we solve global problems.”

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Lucy Koechlin

“I’m committed to creating global democracy because global problems urgently need global solutions – and we, the people, urgently need real power and real systems to make these global solutions happen.”

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Lars Lünenburger

“We need global democracy to solve our global problems and implement sustainable solutions. Today’s digital technologies can help us. Let’s use them.”

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Nadine Truyol

"I am motivated to empower people to think ahead and as one, and I strongly believe that together we can accomplish so much more than if we approach things individually. Being globally connected and organized will finally allow us to solve our bigger problems.”

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Steering Committee Members

GloCo members are global citizens, that have a general interest in global democracy and who are willing to actively engage in one of the Working Groups of GloCo. GloCo prefers engagement by active contribution to setting up the Global Community but we also have members that contribute by paying the yearly membership fee only.

The annual membership fee can either be paid in form of 10 hours of working time in one of the working groups or in money (100 CHF)

Ingo Kirchhoff

Principles Working Group

“Global voices for global questions in a connected world. This is missing and needs to be created.”

Tom Haeussermann

Promotion Working Group

“We should not only rely on a global democracy, but it could be another important stepping stone overcoming free rider behaviour of nations in addressing climate change.”

Samuel Koechlin

Promotion Working Group

Ursula Freiburghaus

Partnerships Working Group

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Sandra Colombo

Promotion Working Group


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