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Voting Concept 


Digital Identity

It is foundational that every human being on earth be provided, equally and inclusively, a unique, digital identity, which is protected against fraud or theft.

False granting of multiple identities has to be prevented as much as granting identity to non-humans like e.g. computer bots.

Problem Identification

While many problems of persons around the world can and should be solved by democratic decisions on local, regional, or national level, there are some problems that are truly global issues and have to be addressed above the level of nation states.

The Global Community will collect potential global issues that the global citizens can submit and will collect them in the list of potential global issues.

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Problem Selection

All potential global issues will be screened in an iterative and synergistic manner with step 2.

Issues that are interesting but concern local or national matters will be transferred to the corresponding government if possible.

Due to the possibly large number of issues, selection by voting or expert groups might not be feasible. Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods might help reduce the number by clustering and aggregation, but bias has to be prevented and transparency has to be retained.

Solution Collection

For the proper decision-making, possible solutions to any issue can be proposed by the global citizens and any submitted idea or proposal will be included in the “Solution Collection”.

This list is visible to everybody interested in this topic so that all ideas can be rated or improved, and missing facts can be collected.

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Solution Consolidation

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All proposals for potential solutions can be optimized or rated by the "Global Voters", possibly further evolved by working additionally with expert panels, the virtual global equivalent of citizens assembly and digital tools.

In the end, this later iterative process shall provide a consolidated set of solutions, which constitutes the ballot. The solutions on the ballot may be alternatives or synergistic in solving the issue, yet they must not be interdependent, such that each solution can be voted on independently.

This leads to additional ideas of solutions, by creating an iterative process. Furthermore, benefiting from a better understanding of the underlying issues by repeatedly discussing matters. This iterative process is interwoven with the iterative processes of steps 2, 3, 4, 5.

Global Discussion

To ensure that all participants make informed and well-reasoned decisions for their later votes, the proposed solutions, incl. the background and underlying issues have to be publicly available.

Ideally, the ballot is accompanied by an accessible document, perhaps similar to the well-known Swiss voting booklets. Furthermore, there has to be room for discussion and deliberation.

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Finally, the ballot with the proposed solutions will be voted on. The vote will take place digitally in order to allow for global participation.

Global Impact

Based on the results of the global voting, the democratic decision has to be implemented through the appropriate (existing or new) channels, e.g. via national governments and international organizations.

The power of the global majority will guarantee an implementation in most of the regions. International activities like sanctions or special taxes will pressure countries to join in, which may have voted differently or have governments which did not implement the Global Community’s decisions.

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Voting Concept
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